Purdue University: Lawson Computer Science Building

Purdue University

The Lawson Computer Science Building, located in the academic core of the University Campus, was developed with multiple spaces designed to foster collaboration and dialogue between students and faculty. The building brings together renowned research teams and includes faculty offices clustered around specialized research labs. These team project labs create learning environments that help students build their teamwork skills required in today’s workforce.

The Lawson Computer Science Building is a showcase of technology for Purdue University. The building data center is housed in a glass-fronted room open to a two-story commons. Casual spaces are provided in the building designed for spontaneous group collaboration, brainstorming, and information sharing. Technology and building design go hand-in-hand to create a collaborative learning environment. This building is at the peak of the technological curve with the ability not only to easily adapt to changes that lay ahead but also to generate those changes.

Project Details

Square Footage:  107,000

Budget Cost: $16,455,000

Construction Cost:  $15,300,000

Completion Date:  2006