Vincennes University: Jefferson Union Student Center

Vincennes University

As a central location on campus it was important the Student Center create an atmosphere of fun, food and fellowship, while also allowing room for students to grow through purposeful and engaging experiences, either individually or collectively. By using a multitude of transparent, flexible, and highly collaborative gathering spaces for all group sizes, the environment encourages learning to take place for the prosperity of student growth. Students develop a visual connection to their campus by surrounding themselves in an environment that is attractive, comfortable, visually vibrant, and wherever possible, utilizes the natural light and outdoor views. The Student Center was designed to be an attractive environment for students to engage in socially, while also providing them an open and inviting atmosphere filled with exciting high tech functionality. This center further enhances the Vincennes University reputation as a place for advancement and the betterment of their careers.

Project Details

Square Footage: 20,907

Budget Cost: $5,880,000

Construction Cost: $4,357,800

Completion Date: August 2016